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Hope Giselle- Modern Social Justice Artivist 


Miami native Hope Giselle got her start in activism and facilitation while in College at Alabama State University. Helping to found and govern the conservative schools FIRST LGBT organization. Giselle graduated with a BFA, and Masters in Fine Arts as the first openly trans woman to do so at her Alma Matter  Alabama State University and hit the ground running with her modern social take on trans and black bodies in public spaces. The author (Becoming Hope:Removing the Disguise) and activist has now founded her own non profit organization (AllowMe) and works with organizations like HRC, freedom for all Americans, and LGBT University to help ensure that the voices of the communities she's apart of is heard. Giselle is definitely a force the world should be aware of.


Miami Sr. High  


Alabama State University

Theater Arts Major

BFA -2016



Panel, Organizing, leadership and Community Experience:


National Center For Transgender Equality

Transform the Vote Campaign organizer

- Gather Influencers

-lobbying techniques

-social media outreach

-racial inclusion guide

-phone bank and outreach training

-public speaking and travel as needed

-plan budget for election Quarter and over seem fiscal need.

D.C Outreach Group

- Lead facilitating director (contract) tasked with HR simulous duties which included heavy travel time.



-Keynote speaker

-workshop facilitation

-social media outreach


Trans Tech social

-Workshop Lead

-project and assign budget needs

-program director

-keynote Speaker


Allied Media Conference 2017

-Keynote speaker on the value of Transgender visibility in the work place.

Trans Visible- Project Manager/Facilitator

-Facilitating While Trans

Social Media Facilitating

Facilitating in large/Small Groups  

Leading team

Helping to guide goals and raise grant funds

Bi weekly scheduling


Viva Glam (M.A.C AIDS FUND Ambassador)

-Create new social presence for the brand on a weekly basis.

Facilitate month recaps to grow following for the cause.

Secure new funders and benefits

Create a space for staff and clients to discuss in a way that wasn't invasive.

-Allot Team budget per quarter to ensure proper use of funds


AllowMe Movement

-Program Director

Select new forms of media promotion tools for events.

Train interns

Oversee the work of the community outreach teams and volunteers.

Hold end of term recaps.

Create budget needed for the year and business plan to sustain quarterly mandates.

Create and initiate new media foundations/tactics for panel discussions and conferences.

Facilitate conference calls.

Create diverse topics for evolution sessions.


NAESM - Trans Summit 2017 - Los Angeles

Featured panelists, and leader of transgender women awareness segment.

I was asked to make the group aware of new trans specific legislation in place and discuss ways to both include and discuss adding trans women and men to the fight for equality. As well as make them all aware of tactics to use in their respective areas to ensure longevity of their proposals.


HRC Donor Summit 2014/2016 - Washington DC

Attendee and presenter of “The Trans Experience”

and social media facilitation.


Bundle Of Sticks And Queers Panel Discussion - Atlanta GA

Lead panelists to discuss the issues of trans people of color and tackle topics such as: The black church, Trans prostitution, The education of the heterosexual male


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